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if you really loved me you'd kill yourself today

27 June 1984
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Horror Is Love

Bettie Page is Vintage Love.
heres a ninja bitch that knows their place.

once again updating a short overview of my life. Born and Raise on a farm in rural michigan (exactly between ann arbor and detroit) i grew up in south lyon and salem but when to school in northville because of school/county boundrys. Never felt like part of the crowd in school and the kids always had what seemed like better stuff than i did, or sometimes just stuff in general. My mom raised me on metal and oldies, my dad left when i was 4 years old. Learned to play cards about the same time i learned to walk from my grandma, whom was my best friend until her death due to cancer when i was in the 6th grade. I leave stones at funerals rather than flowers, they may not look as nice as flowers but they last longer. Started playing music in middle school in band as an alto saxaphone, i quit when i became last chair. Picked up the bass guitar when i was 14 years old and have been at it and in (and out of) bands ever since; they've only gotten better with time. I founded the DelinGquenT zine in my sophomore year and had tremdous help from whoshotniceguy as a partner in crime. We almost got kicked out of school for the first issue. In the zine i started a little corner for bands called S.O.S., save our scene, which was ment for bringing publisity to local bands/venue. The corner became an organization and instead of interviewing those bands or exposeing those venues i was BOOKING them. It's been the most important thing that gets me up every morning since. update: i'm not really involved in that anymore.

i moderate the communites:
mediahysteria & saveourscene
my cell phone is (248) 444-1710
call some time to tell me ya love me

and if you love me even MORE
Oral Sex Donations Accepted

likes: video games, especally old gen games, and the Metroid series of games, not to mention playing as samus in super smash bros, being 1337, haxor, haxorific, haxoring, l33t, pwning you.against me!, anarchists, things that go boom in the night, shiney things, my car working, intellectuals and intellectual discussions/debates, drinking, card games, the force, brass knuckles and other melee weapons, ninjas, my fists...and hitting people with them.
dislikes: you, government, post-danzig misfits, my car not working, social events, complacincey, boredom, republicans, ignorance, inspirational posters, things that make messes i.e.: babies and cyberpunk555, patriarchal hierarchy, work, shopping, and the whole money system
-websites and such-

spineless liberals, CrUsThAvEn, tromaville films, The Black Panther's Ten Point program, Direct Action!, ANOK & PEACE, Infoshop.org best damn anarchist resource online, The Onion - America's finest news source, The Rise of the Religious Right in the Republican Party (and other essays),BITE BACK!,8-bit theather (couldn't find a decent small image),
The Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia, cyberpunk101, Views from the edge: a cyberpunk forum, wikipedia: cyberpunk, 2600, Freshmeat (open source, not porn, i swear), EMU-Russia - Romz (best emulator site i've found), Bootdisk.com (dos 5.0-6.22 and win95-XP Pro), Japanese to English and vice versa for a palm pilot, how to make your own custom aim sign-in and friends list images, ctrl+alt+del

,i&apos;m in ravenclaw!,Terror Alert Level


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